In Rotterdam, De Groene Boog is building an 11-kilometre-long connecting road between the A16 at Terbregseplein and the A13 at Rotterdam The Hague Airport. For the ramps of the Rottemerentunnel, we will be processing no less than 310,000 kilos of aluminium over the next few months. Because this material is lightweight and easy to shape into razor-sharp facade lines, it is perfect for making acoustic wall panels and anti-glare lamellae.

In several scrum sessions, we started working on the design process with various parties involved in the ‘De Groene Boog’ project. Recently, we reached contractual completion together and we were able to present the mock-ups!

Less noise
The light grey aluminium panels create a diamond pattern characteristic of the A16 Rotterdam motorway. Acoustic material is incorporated behind the panels and the 15,000 holes per panel will ensure that traffic noise is absorbed as much as possible. In total, some 10,000 wall panels are required for the two tunnel tours together.

Safe visibility
To prevent road users from being blinded by the sun, both tunnel entrances and exits will be fitted with a total of 96 anti-glare louvres (24 louvres per direction of travel).

To achieve all this, a considerable amount of material is required:
– 310 tonnes of aluminium
– 75 tonnes of Magnelis steel
– 50 tonnes of steel
– 13,000 m² of sound-absorbing insulation

Production is now running at full speed so that we can start assembly on site in spring 2023!