Aldowa works together with:

TU delft

Collaborating with the TU Delft, with the student associations. Building smart, sharing insights, strengthening each other as partners. International facade engineers are eager to work on the Aldowa "Landmarks".

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Suppliers also see their role changing. Adding value in the chain is important for our partners. We challenge them to think differently, drivers who load and unload independently so that our employees can continue to do their jobs. Just-in-time delivery, no stocks, but providing production with the right amount of materials daily.

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Partners in the construction industry

Increasingly, building has to be different, smarter and better. Sharing knowledge of facades with partners provides new insights. We work together with facade builders, HSB builders and look for solutions to build up to more than 100 metres high without scaffolding. With partners, we also look for constructive solutions; not traditional but combining products so that they reinforce each other.


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