From advice and engineering to production and installation

Our talented engineers translate the dream into a design, after which production takes the lead.

No matter how big the ambition, we are the partner. From idea to completion, we make dreams workable. Our professional will be happy to produce for you, in consultation with a uniquely set up project team.

We see opportunities. We like to be challenged to stretch the boundaries of what is conceptually or technically possible. As far as we are concerned, there is nothing that cannot be done; at best, it has never been done before.

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Aldowa makes the crucial part of your dream for you: Unique metal facade cladding.



3D engineering and BIM. Careful modelling and engineering yields many benefits. We help with the design or development process, our goal is always the same: a Landmark to be proud of. Parametric modelling helps us construct fantastic facades.

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We like to make ideas tangible. That is why a mock-up is an essential part of the design process, so that as many parts of the building as possible can be seen. This way, we provide insight into the challenges even in the preliminary phase.

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Professional boundaries do not limit us. At our company, everyone works closely together on your project. Our professionals see the workshop as a studio, the place to produce pieces of art.

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When it comes to perfection, every detail counts. The mechanics are in the project team from the beginning and help think about the preconditions during installation. No matter how big the challenge, there is always a suitable solution. The logistics have been well thought out with a just-in-time principle and we always work safely.

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"Every panel is a work of art, I build them with pride and passion"

- Auzie Triratnamurti, Engineer

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